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October 3, 2012
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  Screaming, crying, throwing, stomping.
  Your eyes shot open as you sat up in your bed, sweating pouring down your face. Dim sunlight leaked through your curtians into the bedroom you usually shared with your long time boyfriend, Gilbert.
  You met the Prussian at the park when he was hanging out with his friends Antonio and Francis. He was dared to use a corny pick up line on you and, surprisingly, it worked. You fell for him. Hard. He invited you to live with him after six months of dating and you couldn't refuse considering he could barely ask you with stuttering or blushing. You loved him dearly, even if he was a bit immature and full of himself.
  But after last night, you didn't know if he still loved you.
  Sliding into a pair of slippers, you shuffled out the door into your one room apartment. You stepped out into the living room and heard crunching beneath your feet. Crouching down, you picked up several shards of glass. Beer bottle glass. You recognized the coloring.
  Suddenly, memories from the night before raced back to you.
  You remember Gilbert returning home drunk for the third time that week. He was stumbling around and shouting and just being obnoxious. Sure, he was ALWAYS obnoxious but he was just being harsh last night. He ordered you around and acted completely different towards you. Finally, you snapped and began crying and yelling at him. You told him to get out and stomped into your bedroom as he threw a beer bottle after you.
  Tears stung your eyes. What if he really left? What if he doesn't come back? No, you thought, thats silly. He needs to come get his clothes if he were leaving. Then you could reason with him. Wait, why should YOU apoligize?
  "Because I'm an idiot." You chuckled to your self.
  "You sure are. Kesesese...."
  Your head shot up and in the doorway of the bathroom, you saw Gilbert with his funny little bird, Gilbird, floating around his head. He chuckled again and waved jokingly.
  Now your eyes stung with angry tears.
  "What the hell?!" You stood up and ran over to him, punching him weakly in the chest. "You scared me! I thought you..... you...."
  "Left?" he smirked. Being this close, you realized the bags under his eyes and a hint of regret in his ruby orbs. "Nein."
  You felt your heart pound at the sight of his usual smirk and looked down, "I'm sorry I got so mad."
  "Nein, I'm sorry." his voice cracked slightly. He wasn't used to apoligizing. "I should treat you better with more respect and-"
  "You asked Francis for advice didn't you?" you chuckled as his eyes widened and his face turned red.
  "ZE AWESOME PRUSSIA DOES NOT REQUIRE HELP!" he shouted. You shook your head and rested your head on his chest.
  The Prussian then tilted your head back and kissed you deeply, frcing his tongue into your mouth. Your eyes widened in surprise then fluttered shut as he lifted you up onto his feet so you were more at level. You pushed away slightly and breathed out, "I really am sorry."
  He nodded, silently apoligizing and picked you up and flung you over his shoulder. You gasped in surprise.
  "GIL!" You laughed.
  "Don't fight it." he smirked. "I'm about to make up for last night."
  You felt your self blush madly as you murmured, "I love you."
  "Ich liebe diche auch." He replied as he carried you into your bedroom, locking the door behind the two of you.
Something for you to read while I try to finish up the next chapter to the Seto Kaiba x Reader. ^-^
"Ich liebe dich auch" = "I love you, too."
Link to Seto Kaiba x Reader Intro: [link]

I do not own Hetalia!
But YOU are owned by this guy ------> :iconsexyprussiaplz:
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