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October 23, 2012
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  You sat on a swing, aimlessly kicking at dirt. You were waiting for your, ahem, "date" I guess is what it would be called. Well, you guessed it was a date at least. Your little Italian friend, Feliciano, had asked you to come with him to the park to hang out. When you asked if Ludwig or Kiku or any of his other school friends were coming, he just smiled and said "Nope~! Just you and me!"
  Feliciano was such a laid back person but, damn, he was complicated. You'd see him flirting with girls, then he'd act all childish and inncoent around you. You loved the Italian to death but he seemed to be toying with you. But he was so naive! How could he toy with you if he just flirted unintentionally?
  "________!" you heard someone yell. You looked up to see Feli running towards you then skid to a stop an inch away from your face. He smiled and wrapped his arms around you. "Ciao, _______~!"
  You smiled softly, "Ciao, Feli."
  "I'm-a so glad you came!" He pulled away, that smile still plastered on his face.
  "Why wouldn't I have come?" you chuckled. He tilted his head to the right, his funny little curl bouncing at the movement. he thought for a couple seconds before shrugging and grabbing your hand to stand you up.
  "C'mon! I've got-a so much planned for us to do!" Feliciano pulled you towards the actual playground. You blinked and clumsily followed him.

  You spent the entire "date" walking around the playground, hand in hand. Feliciano stopped multiple times to just sit in the grass and lounge around. You blew bubbles and bought ice cream from an ice cream truck, too. You kinda wished it was a date to be honest. Feliciano had taken you around for the twenty seventh time when you noticed storm clouds approaching.
  ".....and Lugwig told me not-a to lick the pasta shaped art work but I did anyway and got-a terrible stomach ache......" Feliciano went on chatting as he swung your hands back in forth.
  "Uh.... Feli?"
  "So Ludwig had to take-a care of me, feed me, and bathe me......"
  "But one-a time while Ludwig was feeding me, he spilled the soup on-a me and yelled at me for being-a clumsy......
  "Si, mia bella?" the Italian finally gave you his full attention with a smile.
  You pointed to the clouds, "I think we might get rained out."
  When you stated this, as if on cue, it began to down pour. Feliciano shrugged his jacket off and held it over the two of you as you ran for shelter in an abandoned house. He wanted to leave as soon as he heard the door creak but you convinced him other wise. So there the two of you sat; in an abandoned house with his coat wrapped around both of you. You tried to keep your breathing even as he rested his head on top of yours innocently. It was silent except the sound of the rain pounding at the roof and the sound of your breathing. He smells so good. Like pasta, you thought as your face turned red.
  "Are you-a having a good time, ______?" he asked, breaking the silence. He suddenly seemed paniced. "Did the rain-a ruin our date?"
  "No, I'm having f-" you paused as blood rushed to your face. You looked down and mumbled, "D-date?"
  The Italian seemed puzzled at your sudden shyness, "Si. Big Brother Francis told me if you love a woman, to take her on a date and show-a her a good time. Then he-a winked and I got very confused so Ludwig had to-a chase Francis away."
  "W-woman? That you l-love?" you stammered.
  "Si!" he smiled and grabbed your hands. "Ti amo, ________! I want-a to make you pasta and make-a you happy!"
  Your face reddened as you you rested your forehead against his, "I love you too, Feli."
  Turning his face to yours, you leaned foreward and kissed him sweetly. He kissed back, to your surprise, then pulled away and smiled, "You-a mean it?"
  You giggled, "Si!"
  "Then ______?"
  "Can we-a do this again sometime?" Feliciano smiled.
  "Go on a date?" you asked.
  "No," his face tinted pink, "Cuddle together?"
  You leaned in again to kiss him before replying, "Of course, Feli."
A request from :iconmegafanofanimelovesu:
I think I had a little to much fun writing for Feli....
Well here's the answer; I'M INSANE :iconderpplz:
Anyway, enjoy!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconcuteitalyplz:
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