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January 4, 2013
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 "Kiku! You're so embarrassing, aru!" a man with long, dark, brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and Chinese accent stomped out of the front doors of his college class. Following him was a boy with short, jet black hair and a very red face.
 "Yao-san," the teen named Kiku said in a very heavy Japanese accent, "I didn't know she was arrergic to sakura frowers!"
 "Well I'm never getting dating advice from you again, aru!" Yao spun around to face the other teen with a scowl. Just minutes ago, Yao was giving the girl he had a huge crush on a bouquet of sakura branches. Only for her to be coughing and hacking seconds later. "The least you can do for me now is go to the library and pick up the books I need for our essay due next week, aru."
 Kiku's eyes widened slightly, "You haven't started yet?"
 "Aiyah, I know I'm stupid, aru." Yao slapped his forehead then spun the Japanese teen around and gave him a shove. "Now go!"
 Kiku stumbled foreward, gave a sorrowful look at his friend, then began the walk of shame to the library down the block. Yao was a junior in college while Kiku was only a freshman. He got pushed around a lot by Yao's friends because they were all older. They made him clean their dorms, bring them food, and even do research for them. Yao was the "mature one" as he put it. Kiku looked up from the streets to see the big, campus library looming in an intimidating fashion over him. He sighed and pushed open the door and nearly knocked over the librarian.
 "AH!" she fell backwards, the huge pile of books she was carrying crashed around her.
 Kiku gasped and dropped to his knees, muttering "Gomen'nasai" over and over as he picked up books frantically. He happen to glance up at the equally frantic librarian and froze.
 She had (h/l), (h/c) hair and big (e/c) eyes. She wore a flattering pale pink turtle neck with washed out jeans and a pair of white sneakers. She was also fairly young, perhaps Kiku's age. She looked up at Kiku, making her face redden. Standing up, she dusted herself off and opened her arms for Kiku to hand over the books.
 "No," he shifted the books in his arms. "I wirr carry them for you."
 She blinked then bowed her head and clasped her hands together, "Th-thank you!"
 Kiku nodded then set the books on her desk. She began to put the books in a cart, her hands shaking as she avoided eye contact. The Japanese teen cleared his throat, "Where is the history section?"
 She pointed, her eyes still on the books as she piled them into the cart. Kiku nodded and headed towards the direction the girl pointed in, which happened to be in the back. He kept his eyes on her, not watching where he was going until he ran into a book shelf.
 "Itai!" Kiku said quietly as he looked up at the shelf. Lining the shelf was dozens and dozens of manga's. Kiku felt his eyes widened as he aimlessly began down the aisle, staring at all of the manga. Why is this here? Isn't this a campus library?, he thought as he picked up a book and flipped through the backwards pages.

*Your POV*

 You leaned to the side to see if that good looking Japanese boy was still in your manga section. The school had allowed you to supply the library because you lead a bookclub. Your club read every kind of book; horror, romance, comedy, Sci-Fy, and even manga. The only problem was no one was IN your bookclub. It was only you. You were too shy to go out and advertise it so you kept to yourself and only left the library to go back to your dorm or go to class.
 The boy came back around the corner, holding a volume of Bleach and held it up to you, "Sumimasen, miss, but why is there manga in a campus ribrary?"
 You swallowed nervously and looked down, playing with your fingers, "It's for a book club I host."
 He blinked and looked surprised, "Nani? We have a bookcrub?"
 You blushed lightly, "Well, kind of. No ones in it but me."
 There was a pause before he said, "I wirr join it."
 "I beg your pardon?"
 "I'rr herp you run your book club." the boy smiled slightly. He bowed, "My name is Kiku Honda."
 "I-I'm ________ ___________." you stuttered, blushing furiously.

 The next few days, Kiku came back into the library everyday. He promised to help advertise your bookclub. You sat at the desk one day, sitting upright and waiting patiently for him to arrive when you saw him enter the double doors and smiled to yourself. Kiku stood before you and bowed slightly.
 "I was up rast night making posters for your crub so pardon my sreepiness." his eyebrows stitched together nervously. He held up some posters that had very neat print and cute little chibi characters all over it.
 You avoided eye contact, "I-it's okay. Th-thank you."
 Kiku showed you the posters, all hand made, and congratulated him for his effort. They looked stunning! No one's ever done that for you before but only because you didn't have many friends to begin with. Sometimes you spoke with the Canadian student, Matthew, but not much. Kiku's kindness was new to you and you appreciated it very much.
 "Want to go hang them up?" Kiku gestured towards the doors. Blood rushed to your face. Why did he make you blush so much? Well, okay. Everyone made you blush. You nodded and followed him to random spots on campus where he helped you pin them up. Along the way you chatted about your favorite manga's and books. He was a very big reader it seemed as well. Kiku was also shy like you. He said his hobbies were "sensing the mood and refraining from speaking".
 "I don't talk much either unless I'm completely comfortable with them." you admitted as you held the remaining posters to your chest.
 There was a pause before Kiku said, "So you are comfortabre with me?"
 Your face felt like it was on fire, "I-I guess so...."
 You looked at Kiku out of the corner of your eye to see his face equally red. He grabbed your wrist, making you flinch from the sudden contact. The Japanese boy lead you behind a building where the evening sun didn't reach. As soon as you were behind the wall, you opened your mouth to speak but Kiku pulled you into a hug. You stood completely still then wrapped your arsm around his waist and rested your head on his shoulder. He wasn't that much taller than you after all.
 "I'm comfortabre with you too, ________." he confessed as he stroked you (h/c) hair.
 "W-why did you pull me behind a wall to hug me?" you asked as he backed away.
 His face reddened and his brown eyes searched your face, "It's rude to show affection in pubric."
 "Then c-can I k-kiss you?" you blurted out. Immediatly, your threw your hand sup and covered your mouth.
 Kiku seemed to contemplate on this before nodding, "H-hai."
 You could have sworn your face was going to burst into flames and explode. You looked down, still avoiding eye contact, "Er, y-you first."
 "Oh, hai," he blushed as well and tilted your head up. He slowly leaned foreward and pressed his lips to yours lightly. You pulled back as soon as your lips touched, your whole body shaking.
 "D-did I do something wrong, ________-san?" he asked, his facial featires showing worry.
 "N-no..." you rubbed your hands together. "I'm just nervous."
 "Hai, as am I." Kiku grabbed one of your shaking hands and pulled you closer. He pressed his lips to your again, only you stayed still. You finally kissed back after giving youself a mental pep-talk the broke the kiss seconds afterwards.
 "L-let's go hang up the rest of the posters now." you clutched the posters to your chest and sped off.
 "_________-san, wait!" Kiku ran after you, trying to keep up.
Happy birthday :iconresistance33:
Sorry it's late :c
Ah, awkward romance!
That's the best kind, right? :D
If you need me to translate something, just ask!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconcutejapanplz:
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