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October 23, 2012
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WARNING: Lots of mushy kissy stuff. Just saiyan. :D

  "Italy, stop screwing around and run the mile I told you to run an hour ago!" your boyfriend, the personified version of the counrty Germany, shouted at the small Italian. You sat next to the Asian country, Japan, watching Germany train. It was quite a nice view if you had to say so yourself.
  Italy began to protest when the German went off on him. Italy nearly jumped out of his skin and ran for the hills. You smiled as Germany walked towards you with that adorable smile he rarely ever wore. He crouched in front of you, "You didn't have to come with me, you know."
  "I wanted to." you smiled. Blush crept onto your face. "I like being around you."
  And with that, Japan got up and left. Germany sat cross legged in front of you now, "Vell, ve have some time before Italy comes back."
  "And I've packed lunch for us!" your smile widened as you opened the picnic basket.
  You began to unpack, pulling out wursts, a bottle of beer, a can of (favorite soda), and plates. You set everything out and reached back into the basket for napkins when your fingers grazed something. I don't remember packing anything else, you thought. You grabbed the object and pulled it out of the basket. It was a thin box with "Pocky" printed across the type in bold red letters. You felt your face heat up at the sight of the box. Japan must have slipped it into the basket while you were watching your boyfriend train.
  "Vhat's that, _______?" the German asked as he sipped his beer.
  "Some candy." you murmured as you tossed it aside, your face still noticeably red.
  Germany picked it up, "Should ve try some?"
  "Well there's a game that goes with it." you pointed out. You opened the box and slipped a long biscuit out and bit the end of it. "Bite the other end."
  He looked at you suspiciously but did as told and bit the end. Blush still on your face, you slowly nibbled to the center. Germany's face reddened when he realized the concept of the game and mimicked your actions. The two of you reached the center and looked at each other. Your lips were dangerously close.
  Germany took the chance and smashed his lips to yours, stealing the last bite. Startled, you opened your mouth wider, allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth. Sure, you have kissed him before but never like THIS. You shut your eyes and returned the kiss.
  He broke the kiss, both of you panting slightly. Germany smirked and pulled another stick out of the box and clenched it between his teeth. You blushed and bit the other end when you heard running towards both of you.
  Italy glomped the German, knocking both of you over. The Italian sat up and smiled.
  "I want to play~!" Italy exclaimed. Germany sat up and blushed.
  You watched your boyfriend chase the apologizing Italian and smiled. Picking up the Pocky box, you tucked it back into the basket. I could use this again, you thought with a smirk.
Request for :iconsmartcookie525:
Hope you enjoy!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
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