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January 10, 2013
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 You stumbled out of the bar, vision blurred and mind frenzied from the alcohol. The bar owner glared at you as he slammed the door on your face, "And stay out!"
 You faceplanted into the door as your fist made contact with the wood. Damn, that was the third bar that night that you've been kicked out of. Well, it's not YOUR fault so many people piss you off when you drink. They just seem ten times more agrivating in your eyes. Sinking to the steps, you reached into your pocket and dialed a certain blonde haired German's number. You did need a ride hime after all. And someone that would deal with your drunkness. Ludwig, or Germany, was just the person! Another reason you wanted him specifically to come get you is you might of had a teensy, tiny crush on him. Actually, it was more like a gigantic crush.

Lazy lover
Find a place for me again
You felt it once before
I know you did
I could see it

 The phone rang exactly three times before you heard a familiar, "Guten tag," on the other end.
 "Heyyyyyy, Luddy!" you slurred as you pulled a bottle of whiskey from your coat pocket that you happen to steal from the bar you had just been kicked out of. "I kinda need a ride home. Busy?"
 Ludwig sighed, "________, have you been drinking again?"
 "..... Alright, vhere are you?" he gave in. You didn't even need to beg with him.
 "I'm at," you looked up at the bar sign and hiccuped, "The Kirkland Brother's Bar."
 "Alright, I am on mein vay." the line disconnected.
 Ludwig sighed and sunk deeper into his chair he was sitting in. Another night of picking up his drunken friends. For once, why can't HE drink and have fun? Because he's stuck driving home, that's why. Kiku never wanted to go out, so he wouldn't drive them and Feliciano drives like a maniac. Ludwig himself didn't usually like to pick people up in the first place. He usually lied and said he was busy. But this was _______. He couldn't turn her down. Even if she was drunk. Ludwig thought she was beautiful no matter what state she was in. The German liked her..... a lot.

Whiskey Princess
Drink me under, pull me in
You had me at come over boy
I need a friend
I understand

 Ludwig grabbed his keys off the hook beside his front door and hopped down the steps into his driveway. He opened the driver's door and got in, starting the car and waiting patiently as it roared to life.
 You waited outside the bar, watching people one by one began to leave the tavern until you were the only one standing out by the bar. The flickering street lights were your only source of light. That is until a pair of head lights were visible on the road.
 "Ludwig...?" you mumbled as the car came to a stop infront of you. Sure enough, there he was, giving you that "Get in the car. We're having a chat." look. You bowed your head and got in the passanger side.
 "Hey Luddy~!" you smiled and leaned on his shoulder. The German blushed and pushed you off.
 "_______, you need to stop drinking zhis vay." he lectured as he began down the highway.
 "Oh, please!" you leaned your throbbing head on the window, "Like you don't drink, Mr. God damned Germany."
 Ludwig shot you a quick glare before returning his gaze to the road, "I von't lie, I have gotten drunk before-"
 "I would loooooove to see that!" you snorted.
 Another glare was cast your way, "But now I drink responsibly."
 "But now I drink responsibly," you mimicked in a whiny, high pitched voice.
 "I am starting to regret picking you up,"
 "I'm starting to regret ever liking you." you retorted.
 The German's eyes grew wide as he slammed the brakes on at a red light, making you fly forward and hit your head on the dashboard.

Backseat serenade
Dizzy hurricane
Oh God, I'm sick of sleeping alone
You're salty like a summer day
Kiss the sweat away
To your radio
Backseat serenade
Little hand grenade
Oh god, I'm sick of sleeping alone
You're salty like a summer day
Kiss the pain away
To your radio

 "OI! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" you shouted as you clutched your aching head.
 "Me?!" he looked at you in disbelief. "At least I'm not the one...." his voice grew quieter, like someone just made an extremely good point in an arguement, "....blurting zhings like zhat out."
 You felt your face grow warm, "I guess I let that slip, huh?"
 Awkward silence.
 A weird, tingly sensation filled the car. You both shot looks at each other, signalling you were both getting the feeling. Ludwig pressed a button and the radio began to softly play, dulling the sensation ever so slightly. The light turned green and he began to drive again.
 "Look," he stated, his blue eyes focused soley on the road, "I-I like you, too. A lot. Und I know you have been going zhrough hard times but...." his face was reddening, "I vant to be zhere to help you."
 You looked at him, your mind clearing slightly. You had been going through hard times. With break ups, your job and school, everything was spinning out of control. But he wanted tp help. "L-Ludwig...?"
 He pulled over and sat back in his seat, his knuckles turning white from clutching the steering wheel so hard, "Ich liebe dich."
 Before you could reply, his lips were on yours. You sat still, not knowing how to respond. Finally your eyes fluttered shut and the movements of your lips flowed smoothly.
You heard his seat belt click then slide back into place. You hadn't realized it, but he somehow managed yours off too.

You take me over
I throw you up against the wall
We've seen it all before
But this one's different
It's deliberate
You send me reeling
Calling out to you for more
The value of this moment lives in metaphor
Yeah, through it all

 He threw you against the car window lightly, his tongue asking for entrance eagerly. You granted him access and parted your lips only for his tongue to end up prying your mouth open wider. He explored your mouth like an explorer in a cave. A moan escaped your throat. The way he wanted to help was becoming clearer. The two of you parted, the only sound in the car was the radio playing some fuzzy station and both of your breathing.
 A smile played on your lips, "Well that was fun."
 The German blushed, "J-just get in the back seat, verdammt."
 You laughed and slid into the back, practically dragging him along with you. You sat on his hips and kissed him lightly this time, "I love you too, by the way."

Backseat serenade
Dizzy hurricane
Oh god, I'm sick of sleeping alone
You're salty like a summer day
Kiss the sweat away
To your radio
Backseat serenade
Little hand grenade
Oh god, I'm sick of sleeping alone
You're salty like a summer day
Kiss the pain away
To your radio
Getting that cleared up right now...
Anyway.... Any All Time Low fans out there in the Hetalia fandom?
I hope I'm not the only one xc
Anyshwazel, enjoy your German sexy car time :D

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Backseat Serenade (c) All Time Low
You (c) :iconsexygermany2plz:
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But I hope you enjoyed it!
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