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November 17, 2012
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 People walked past you in the London airport, yelling at you to watch where you were going. To be honest, you were lost. Arthur left for a couple of minutes to get the luggage. So you stood there, terrified as people brushed up against you, shoved you, and yelled at you to move.
 Five minutes in London and you were already ready to break down.
 You felt a hand on your shoulder and spun around, losing your balance, "Arthur?!"
 "Non," a voice said, probably coming from the owner of the hand on your shoulder. The voicre was very heavily accented. He was French.
 "Are you lost, demoiselle?" the voice said. You clutched your carry on bag and kept your head down, nodding slightly. The hand grasped your wrist and began to lead you away.
 "I am Francis," said man said. "You are.....?"
 "_-______" you stuttered, keeping your head down. You ran into something and noticed that Francis had stopped walking. Hands cupped your face.
 "What a beautiful name," you could feel his face looming closer to yours.
 "Oi!" you heard a familiar voice call out. "Bonnefoy!"
 "Arthur?" you squeaked, spinning around towards the sound of your boyfriend's voice. You felt arms pull you closer and soon you were snuggling into your boyfriends sweater.
 "I'm sorry I left you love," he whispered. Arthur glared at the French man who was "Ohonhonhon"ing to himself.
 "Tell me, Arzur," Francis said, "'ow did you get such a beautiful girl with out you paying 'er every night?"
 You heard Arthur growl, "Shut up, you git!"
 You never really heard Arthur angry. Only annoyed. It was kind of attractive when he acted this way. You felt his arms tighten around you in a protective manner. Pushing away ever so slightly, you felt for Arthur's face. He guided your hand in the direction then glared at Francis, "She's blind, frog!"
 Now you could only hear the busy airport.
 "I'm sorry," Francis whispered. "Let me drive you to your 'ouse, oui?"
 Arthur hissed but you patted his shoulder then turned and found Francis' arm, "Would you, please?"
 Francis, unknown to you, flashed a sly grin to the Brit and took your hand, "I'd be 'onored!"
 So Arthur and Francis guided you out to the parking lot, shileding you from the rain, and you were driven home. Arthur clung to your hand the entire time.

 "Alright, easy does it." Arthur said as he helped you up the stairs. You pushed the door open and stepped inside, feeling around the room.
 It seemed cozy enough. The house smelled like tea and dust because he's been gone for so long. Arthur guided you to the couch and sat you down. He kissed you lightly, "I'll be right back."
 You heard him exit the room and ran your fingers over the couch's fabric. I feel so at home, you smiled to yourself. His footsteps drew closer and the couch shifted as he sat next to you. Arthur handed you a cup of something warm.
 "It's tea, love," the Brit brought the cup to your lips gently, making sure you don't take in too much of the hot drink.
 "Thank you, " you smiled and wiped your lips on the back of your hand.
 Arthur set his drink down and took your hands in his, "Would you like to go to your room, ______?"
 You nodded and he helped you up. He put his hands on your shoulder and guided you through the house until he came to a stop.
 "What's wrong?" you asked. Suddenly, you were swept off the floor and held closely to his wool sweater. You gasped.
 "Sorry, love," he chuckled nervously. "I should have warned you."
 The floor board creaked underneith Arthur's weight as he carried you up the stairs and into your bedroom. He set you down and you took a couple of steps further into the room. You ran your hands over what felt like the bed frame, "Do we share this room?"
 Arthur cleared his throat nervously, "W-well no. My bedroom is down the hall."
 Your face reddened and you made your way back to him. You felt around then grabbed his hand and whispered, "Will you sleep in here tonight?"
 You were swept up again and placed on the bed. Arthur kissed you, "If you'd like."
Dammit England! You don't just leave a blind Reader-chan alone in a busy airport!
You had one job!
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 4: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconarthurkirklandplz:
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