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November 14, 2012
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 "I love the sound of rain." you sighed dreamily from your hospital bed. You heard crumpling newspaper.
 "It rains all the time in London." your boyfriend, Arthur, grumbled as you heard something being tossed into the plastic trashcan.
 You felt the end of the bed shift and a hand on your blanketed leg. Trailing your fingers down the bed, you found the Brit's hand and grabbed it, a smile spread out on your face.
 "I guess I'd like London then." you stated. He grunted in reply. You then twiddled your thumbs, "I've never actually been out in the rain."
 Arthur sounded surprised, "Why's that, love?"
 "It's too dangerous for me." you mumbled and played with your thin hospital blanket.
 Arthur let this sink in. He had met you when he was here because his idiot brother, Alfred, broke his leg. He had walked past your bedroom and always saw you alone. No one ever came to visit. You spent your life in the hospital. Born and raised there. But Arthur was determined to not let you die there.
 One day, the Brit came into your room and introduced himself. He discoverd that not only were you blind, you were sick. You were born in terrible condition but had gradually got better. Ever since, he has come and visit. Sometimes he read to you and other times he brought CD's for the two of you to listen to. He'd help you up and walk with you down the halls, arm in arm. But in the end, you were the one to ask him out. Your first date was even in that room. Arthur had gone out and gotten food from his friend Yao's restraunt and you sat and talked the entire night.
 Arthur stood up and helped you out of your bed, "Well that won't do."
 "Arthur, what are you doing?" you asked, stumbling slightly as he walked you out into the hallways.
 "You're going to experience the rain, ________!" he said in determination.
 He kept an arm around your waist firmly as he pushed the doors open using his shoulder. You shuddered as your bare feet touched the cold, wet pavement. Slowly, you began to feel the cool droplets bouncing off your skin. You giggled and wiggled your toes.
 "It feels like a shower!" you giggled. Arthur smiled and let go of your waist.
 You took a couple of steps and spread your arms out, letting the rain hit you. You spun around almost too quickly and lost balance. The Brit rushed over to you and kept you steady. When you regained your balance, you lifted your hand up to his face and felt for his lips. He chuckled quietly and leaned down and kissed you gently. You stood still, scared if you moved he would disappear like some sort of dream.
 Arthur backed away, "What's wrong, love?"
 "First kiss...." you mumbled as you played with what felt like Arthur's collar. He cupped your chin in his hands and pressed his lips to yours again.
 You turned your head to deepen the kiss and let your hands find their way to his hair. It felt silky but also very messy. You broke the kiss but kept your hands in his hair.
 "What's color's your hair?" you asked as you played with a strand of hair between your fingers.
 "What about your eyes?"
 "Green." he replied, rubbing circles onto your back as you rested your head on his chest.
 "You smell good." you murmured unintentionally. "Like honey and tea."
 His face reddened slightly and he swallowed, "Really?"
 You nodded slowly, water dripping off your hair, "And now you smell like rain."
 "We're getting soaked, _______." the Brit pointed out, chuckling at your comment.
 You pouted, "I don't want to go in yet."
 "That's fine." Arthur lifted you up onto his feet and walked back so you were both leaning on a wall. "We can stay here for a bit more."
 "I love you." you blurted out, squeezing his shirt and letting rain sink in between your fingers.
 He blinked, surprised.
 "Say something." you said nervously.
 "Of course I love you too." he shook his head. "You just took me by surprise."
 You spent the rest of the afternoon leaning against that wall, enjoying the feel of rain on your skin and in your British gentleman's blonde hair.
So enjoy the fluffy fluff.... fluff.
Part 2: [link]

England is the easiest to write fluff for. Probably because I love him. I have issues.

Okay, so I know how much everyone LOOOOVED this series (God knows why....).
So as a little treat, I will write an epilogue because the ending was sucky :D

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconenglandgiggleplz:
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