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October 31, 2012
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  You straightened out your pirate costume in the mirror, adjusting the eye patch and fixing the feather. You weren't actually going Trick Or Treating but you invited your friends Gilbert, Francis, and Antonio to come over and spend the night and watch corny horror movies. It should be interesting considering the last time they spent the night they wiped out your cabinet and fridge.
  With one last adjustment to your eye patch, you made your way to the front door of your apartment and pulled it open. Francis leane against the door frame and winked. He wore cat ears and a strangely realistic cat tail. You smiled at the French man.
  "Meow?" you smirked. He took hold of your hand and kissed it then looked up at you.
  "Oui, belle~" Francis winked again. You rolled your eyes and opened the door wider for him.
  Francis walked in and looked around, "Wow, you really prepared for tonight, oui?"
  He took a seat in a bean bag chair and admired all the decorations you had put up. You had put black sheets over the windows so it was dark and put glow in the dark skulls all around the room. A lava lamp sat beside a blown up alien, who looked a bit like Roger, and bowls of candy and junk food sat in skeletal hands.
  "What do ya think?" you crossed your arms in approval of your own work.
  Francis opened his mouth, probably to say something flirty or such, when the door bell went off again. You pulled it open to see Antonio in all red. He smiled and offered you a tomato. You took it, returning the smile.
  "Hola, amigo!" Antonio waved his cape.
  "You're the Phantom of the Opera?" you raised an eyebrow.
  He looked disappointed, "I'm a matador!"
  "Oh!" your face flushed. "Sorry about that."
  He just smiled and walked inside, tossing his bag to the floor, "No problem, chica!"
  Francis stood up from his bean bag and helped himself to a glass of wine as Antonio stared in awe at the lava lamp. You chuckled. They're so cute. Suddenly, you felt arms around your waist and someone nibbled at your ear. With out hesitation, you jabbed the person behind you with your elbow.
  "HEY!" Gilbert fell back then looked up you and glared.
  "What the hell, Gil?!" you put your hands on your hips in an irritated fashion.
  He smirked and stood up, "Just having a little fun, frau."
  You rolled your eyes and looked at his costume. He wore a long black cape and a tuxedo with the collar popped up. He even had fangs poking past his lips.
  "You're Edward Cullen?" you teased.
  "Zhat guy is VAY to unawesome for me." the Prussian stated.
  At 9pm, everyone took their seat and waited as you put the first movie in. You popped the disk in and sat between Gilbert and Antonio, grabbing a hand full of popcorn along the way. In the beginning, Gilbert started to argue with Francis about the sleeping arrangements so you smacked them both up side the head, much to Antonio's amusement, and told them to shut up. Francis sulked in the corner for a few minutes before returning and snuggling into your shoulder.
  Throughout the movie, it seemed like they were all levitating towards you. By the end of the movie, Gilbert had his arms around your waist, Francis' head was snuggled in the crook of your neck, and Antonio had his head in your lap. They were all fast asleep.
  With a smirk, you carefully pulled your phone out and wne to this app for scary noises. You turned the volume up on your phone and pressed a button. A highly creepy clown laugh echoed throughout the room, causing your three friends to jump up, probably about to piss themselves, and scatter.
  "Vhat zhe hell vas zhat?!" Gilbert said from underneith a bean bag.
  "________ is your house haunted?" Antonio poked his head from behind the couch.
  Francis whimpered from behind the kitchen counter, "_______, please tell me your 'ouse isn't 'aunted?"
  You sat there, tears rolling down your cheeks from laughing so hard, "Y-you should have seen your faces!"
  The three of them gave each other confused looks, then smirks broke out on all of their faces. You sat up, worried now.
  "Frau needs to be punished now." Gilbert closed in on you.
  Francis nodded, "Oui~!"
  Without warning, Gilbert and Antonio pinned your arms down as Francis sat on your hips. You struggled to get them to let go but they wouldn't budge. Francis lifted up the shirt of your ostume to expose your stomach. He leaned down to your ear and nibbled at it. Your breathing incresed and your face reddened.
  Gilbert narrowed his eyes and smacked the French man on the head, "Get on vith it, Frenchie!"
  Francis made a hissing noise and sat up, "Very well."
  Antonio smiled at you, "Don't worry, chica, everything will be fine."
  You mid was racing with possibilities. Your in a house with three notorious perverts alone. Something was bound to happen. You groaned at your own stupidity. Francis began tracing his finger along your stomach making you stiffle back a laugh. His hands moved in completely random movements across your stomach. You began laughing again, trying to get him off of you.
  After what felt like forever, the three boys collapsed in a heap of laughter. You draped your arms around them all and hugged them closer, still laughing and breathing heavily.
  Gilbert wrapped and arm around your waist and nibbled your ear, "Happy Halloween, frau."
  Francis kissed your cheek, "Oui, 'appy 'alloween."
  "Happy Halloween, _______!" Antonio smiled at you.
  You just blushed in return. This definatly not the scariest Halloween you've ever had but it was the most strange.
Since I already wrote a Yu-Gi-Oh! Halloween fanfic, I decided, "Hey, why not a Hetalia one too?"
So here you go :D

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexyfranceplz: :iconsexyspain2plz: :iconsexyprussia4plz:
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LNH15 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student Artist
 "You're Edward Cullen?" you teased.
  "Zhat guy is VAY to unawesome for me." the Prussian stated.
AnnaMayZee Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Haha I'm glad you agree! ^-^
Phoenix-Redfern Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
AWW! I love :D I'm having a fangirling episode :D I LURVE :D J'adore :')
AnnaMayZee Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much! :D
AwesomePugPerson Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
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AwesomePugPerson Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
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lol me too and i kinda wanted it too XDDD LOL
xTwisted-Minds Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I don't really know anyone who wouldn't want it. :I Including myself.
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