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December 9, 2012
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 "We're HOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!" you sang as you swung open the front door, followed by a struggling Ludwig. He was carrying firewood that you had just, ahem, "helped" cut up with him. Really you just sat on the back of the car and sang Christmas carols as he shot you irritated looks.
 Ah, yes. Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year! It was Christmas eve and lucky YOU got to spend it with your three best friends; Kiku, Feliciano, and Ludwig. Ludwig carefully closed the door behind him just as Feliciano ran out of his bedroom and glomped you, causing the firewood to go up into the air only to be skillfully caught by the German in a swift movement. You sat up on your elbows and laughed at the looks Ludwig gave you as he marched away to put the firewood into the fireplace. Your attention was back onto the little Italian sitting on your waist, smiling at you stupidly.
 "Ciao _______!" his smile widened. "I-a missed you!"
 You giggle, "But I was gone for an hour!"
 Feli stood up and ran to the Christmas tree, leaving you on the floor. Kiku walked out of the kitchen and gasped, "Miss _______ why are you on the floor?"
 The Japanese man helped you up. Yes, he was one of your best friends but he felt it appropriate to call you "Miss". Probably because he was so, well, formal? Is that the right word? You shake your head and Kiku offers you a rice bowl on a platter. You take it willingly and take a bit, looking around the room. Feli was sprawled out on the floor, watching Ludwig hang up some decorations around the fireplace. Your eyes then landed on something interesting.
 Now everyone knows the rules. If you get caught under it with someone, a kiss will be assured. EVERYONE knows this. Now, let's make some connections. We have you, still warming up from the winter cold, mistletoe hanging from the mantle of the fireplace, and three extremely attractive foreign boys. An evil idea was being conjured up in the brilliant mind of yours.
 "Feri-san, your bath is ready." Kiku gestured towards the door. The Italian jumped up and hugged the poor man.
 "Veeee~ grazie, Kiku!" he smiled. The Japanese man stiffened at the sudden affection.
 "Prease ret go."
 "Okay!" Feli skipped out of the room leaving Kiku red faced and murmuring to himself as he exited to the kitchen. Leaving you with Ludwig. Alone.
 Guess who your first victim was?
 You walked closer to him nonchalantly. The German looked at you from out of the corner of his eye as he lowered himself down off the ladder he was using to hand up decorations. You smiled at him sweetly, hiding the darker meaning of what you were intending on doing.
 "It looks great!" you locked hands with yourself behind your back.
 He smiled at his work, "Danke, _______."
 You flipped you (h/c) hair to your right and shifted your weight onto your right leg. Ludwig adjusted his dark green sweater awkwardly. You did look really pretty. Especially since you just came inside form the cold so your face was slightly pink. You wore a red sweater dress with black tights underneith and some black boots.
 "Hey Luddy," you say, a smirk forming on your lips. "Look up."
 He raises and eyebrow and looks up, his face flushing as he notices the small branch of mistletoe above your heads.
 "Well would ya look at that!" you exclaim, perfectly hitting the whole 'innocent' thing. Ludwig laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck, messing up some of his blonde hair.
 "Ja, ja. I know zhe rules." he leaned down, his face matching your dress. You smile and get on your tip toes, planting a light kiss on his lips. You pulled away and plucked the mistletoe off the mantle.
 "Thanks, Luddy!" you smile and skip out of the room. Ludwig blinked and thought, Vhat zhe hell just happened?

 "Feli~?" you chirp as you poke your head into his room. It was messy, as expected, with clothes scattered everywhere and the bed not made. In the center of the room, sat the Italian, trying to get his Christmas sweater over his head. You laugh lightly and walk over tugging it over his head and watching the curl on his head bounce with the movement.
 "Ah, grazie, ________~!" he sang.
 "No problem, Feli~!" you smiled. You held the mistletoe out towards the boy. "Hey, do you know what this is?"
 He tilted his head and took the branch from you, examining it closely, "Is it-a mistletoe?"
 You smile wider, "Yes! Do you know what it's used for?"
 The Italian looked up and down between you and the branch he was holding with beautiful amber eyes. A smile broke out across Feli's face and he held it above the two of you.
 "You-a have to kiss me now, ________!" he waved it slightly.
 Now your own face was red. So he did know. You giggled and leaned foreward, pressing your lips to his gently. You snatched the mistletoe back and stood up, "Grazie, Feli~!"
 It was then when you realized that Feliciano wasn't wearing pants. He was in his bright yellow boxers. But he didn't seem to care. You laughed and waved to him as you closed the door behind you.

 You poked your head into the kitchen. There stood Kiku infront of the stove, cooking something. he wasn't really into the whole "Christmas Spirit" thing. It's not that he was a Scrooge, it's he, as he puts it, not Christian. But you knew that he secretly enjoyed the holiday season. His eyes always lit up when Feli handed him a box with his name on it from "Santa".
 "Kiku?" you stepped into the room fully. He turned and made eye contact then turned back around and continued cooking.
 "Herro, Miss ______." he said, his back facing you. "I'm just cooking. Would you rike to try some?"
 "I'm good," you say as you walk closer and look over his shoulder at the contents in the pan. Something Japanese. "Hey Kiku, look what I found hanging on the mantle!"
 You hung the branch above the two of you with out his knowledge. You knew he wouldn't let you kiss him. He'd be all, "MY PERSONAR SPACE, MISS _______!". So you knew this was going to be out of force. The Japanse man turned around and you pressed your lips to his. His first instinct was to push you awway but instead he just sat there, frozen, taking the forced kiss. You pulled away and waved the mistletoe above your head.
 "Sorry. Rules are rules."
 He looked up, "A-ah...."
 With a smirk, you slipped out of the kitchen in time for Ludwig to turn on the Christmas tree. It lit up, it's beautiful greens, golds, and reds reflecting off of the ornaments. Feli clapped his hands together excitedly as Ludwig stepped back and admired his work. Kiku joined all of you and offered averyone a cup of hot chocolate. Ludwig got a fire started and you all sat infront of it, sharing a huge blanket and sipping your drinks.
 "Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchanging!" you and Feli sang. You wrapped your arms around all of them and pulled them closer, the clock striking midnight.
 "Merry Christmas to all," you started. Then, Feliciano, Ludwig, and Kiku all joined in. "And to all, a good night."
Merry (almost) Christmas everyone!
And Happy Hanukkah!
And Happy Kwanzaa!
So yeah I decided it was about that time to start writing Christmas themed fanfics now.
And to all you YGOTAS fans; I'm writing a Marik and Bakura Christmas fanfic! HOORAY! :D
I'll be taking requests for Christmas themed Hetalia x readers! Or shippings of course.

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconludwigplz: :iconcuteitalyplz: :iconhondakikuplz:
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DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Student Artist
Knowing me, Christmas Carols means singing:
Jingle Bells
Batman Smells
Robin layed an egg
The Batmobile lost a wheel
And the Joker got away.
I sing that every Christmas morning before I open gifts, and it gives you good luck!! (At least that's what my Dad says..)
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I'm glad you liked it!
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Yay! Great story! But, my character is China and Japan's little sister... I'LL JUST REPLACE IT WITH ENGLAND! 😋
AnnaMayZee Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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